PQ Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space. 2015 — Performing arts

Two stands for the Prague Quadriennal of Scenography, representing Catalonia and the Institut del Teatre  (Theatre Institute).

Institutional sponsor: Institut del Teatre / Diputació de Barcelona

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

© Photography: Ignasi Cristià S. L.

This project consisted in the design of two stands for the PQ Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space. The first one represented Catalonia, and it was located within the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, beside the emblematic Charles Bridge. It showed the works of three internationally renowned catalan scenographers, especially in the opera field: Alfons Flores, Franc Aleu and Lluc Castells. We proposed a dialogue between the classic-style building and these authors by scenographic means. A big suspended screen featured their works. After the film, this screen would turn transparent and behind it we could see a scenography model by Alfons Flores and Franc Aleu for Le Grand Macabre, an opera by composer György Ligeti.

The second stand was dedicated to the Institut del Teatre students, and was located at Kafka House, where writer Franz Kafka was born. This was a plural, democratic space, where forty students shared in panels their particular view of scenography. These panels could be retrieved from the wall, and you could see the student’s name on the back. The room’s diversity made us choose a very different strategy than the one we used in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace: a classic black stage box where everything disappears, leaving the main actors only.

PQ Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space

Institut del Teatre