Spot Museu Casteller de Catalunya. 2017 — Media

Advertising spot presenting the new permanent exhibition at Valls’ Museu Casteller de Catalunya.

Institutional sponsor: Ajuntament de Valls

Location: Valls, Catalunya

© Director: Iago Blasi

The first edition of this audiovisual was produced for the contest of the Museu Casteller de Catalunya, located in Valls. The script, the music and the recorded images were created specifically for this occasion, by a team of professionals coordinated by our production company La Rara Avis Films. 

Wanting to promote the museum’s forthcoming inauguration, the Town Hall requested a second version in the form of an advertising spot translated to four languages, which appeared on television. This film was conceived as a visit to the museum, presenting the three acts in which the permanent exhibition will be arranged, and highlighting the cutting-edge technologies it will implement. Symbolising the values traditional castells represent, the Museu Casteller de Catalunya aims to become a cultural tourism destination of outstanding relevance.