The Shadow, the Wounded, the Ball, and the Girl. 2018 — Media

A documentary that opens a window to the refurbishment of the new Modern Art Rooms at the National Art Museum of Catalonia, currently showing in festivals all over the world. 

Institutional sponsor: Ignasi Cristià SL

Production: La Rara Avis Films

Location: Barcelona

© Photography: Pepo Segura

© Director: Iago Blasi

The Shadow, the Wounded, the Ball and the Girl offers an insight into the process of remodelling the modern art galleries at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. For several months, filmmaker and director Iago Blasi worked his way around piles of artworks wrapped in plastic as they awaited the final decision of where they were to be rehung. In his own words, these spaces became a “rich source of exquisite images that gradually metamorphosed into music”. Following the new layout of the galleries themselves, this documentary takes the form of an opera in four acts and an epilogue given a solo voice by the melody itself.

On his daily visits to the museum to document the progress of the renovations, Blasi soon struck up a close dialogue with the veiled artworks as they slowly made their way towards their new positions, like dancers at a grand ball. The Shadow, the Wounded, the Ball and the Girl not only offers a glimpse behind the scenes to reveal a world never seen by museum visitors, but also makes an attempt at exhausting (to borrow French writer Georges Perec’s words) this place by exploring how we view art.