Salgot Eco-Farm. 2011 — Museums

Design of a tour around the Salgot Research Eco-Farm, filming of a corporate audiovisual, and adaptation of the welcome area. Exhibition on the history of the company.

Institutional sponsor: Embotits Salgot

Location: Aiguafreda, Catalonia

© Photography: Ignasi Cristià SL

Some years ago, Embotits Salgot decided to finance the construction of a totally ecological and self-sufficient farm in order to furnish higher quality products without any kind of vaccinations or chemical products. Our job in this project was to design the tour and show visitors the elements and operations of this eco-farm. To do so, we designed a transformable space that could serve as the starting and ending point of the tour. It begins with the screening of an audiovisual which was also wholly made by our company by filming the animals in this new space. Afterwards, the screen disappears and behind it visitors can see a window that showcases the extraordinary landscape around it.

Then the outdoor tour around the entire farm begins. Our intervention consisted in developing all the informational signage explaining the production processes, as well as the landscape and the local flora in the Montseny region. To conclude, visitors go back to the starting point, where the audiovisual room has been turned into a showroom. This feat was achieved by wooden closets on which a subtle landscape background had been printed, under which all the benches can be stored to free up the space for a tasting of the company’s products.

Once the tour is over, a space in the former family estate was designed for VIP clients, which included an explanation of this historical building, signs showing the plant species in the garden, a 3D scan and resin reproduction of three milestones from the Roman era found on nearby lands, and finally a timeline of the company’s history, with the last panel left blank as it awaits new episodes that have yet to be written.

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