Grífols Museum. History of a Company. 2008 — Museums

Museum on the history of the Grífols family and its business ties with the study and evolution of blood products.

Institutional sponsor: Grífols S. A.

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia; Phoenix, Arizona

© Photography: Pepo Segura

The goal in creating the Grífols Museum was to disseminate and showcase the activity and history of the company, to exhibit documentary and audiovisual materials from the collection, and to adapt the museum to the new corporate needs. Our intervention was based on designing a tour as a dramatic experience by dividing it into two complementary spaces which operate on their own yet are part of a whole comprising the entire tour. The first is the first floor, which has been optimised to explain the company’s activity, and the second is the new space associated with the lobby, which surveys the history of Grífols and further explores scientific innovations.

The space devoted to this purpose posed several difficulties because it is located in the original building where the Grífols laboratories were started. It is entered via an initial introductory space and then goes into a gallery where an audiovisual is shown on the history of the company and its relationship with haematology. This space harbours a surprise effect. At the end of this part of the video, the screen disappears and the exhibition space appears illuminated. These initial galleries on the ground floor are devoted to transfusion methods and technologies, and they display the patents invented by the Grífols family. To explain the more technical content, and therefore the most difficult concepts for visitors, interactive resources on different processes were used, such as lyophilisation. The upper area, which is connected to the auditorium, houses all the information on the history and timeline of the company, which may also be of interest to users of this space who do not want or need to tour the other spaces in the museum.

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