Rafael Masó, Architect. 2006 — Museums

Exhibition on the figure of the art nouveau architect from Girona, Rafael Masó. An overview of his life and work, based on a journey through the mind of this unique designer. 

Institutional sponsor: Fundació Bancària “la Caixa”

Location: Girona; Palau Moja, Barcelona

© Fotografía: Pepo Segura

© Drawings: Ignasi Cristià i Garcia

Rafael Masó was one of the most famous architects from the city of Girona. If the Art Nouveau and Noucentisme movements were considered antagonistic in Barcelona, they were reconciled in this designer’s work. This exhibition was the result of the research done by two architects who studied his work in depth.

The museographic approach begins with the idea of a journey into the mind of a genius, who is represented in his studio. Upon entering the room, we see the façade of a theatre that he designed, which we recreated using a mirror to create a visual effect of symmetry. The door of the building, which leads into the studio, is located along the axis of the mirror. It is a scenographic, conceptual space, with a certain tinge of surrealism, since we are entering the psyche of a creator. The works are grouped into several clusters, around which we arranged enormous map cabinets reaching up to the ceiling, giving them a monumental scale that expresses their symbolic, dreamlike character. There are pieces of furniture and information on different architectural design, always accompanied by a background showing where they were located. The studio is a built volume in wood, rotated 45º with respect to the walls of the exhibition space, aiming to deconstruct the surrounding architecture and reinforce this idea of the interior as an island within the architects’ thoughts. 

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