Difficult Loves. 1996 — Performing arts

Set design for six stories about disagreements in love. Three Colombian authors and three Spanish authors come together in a montage by Luís Miguel Climent.

Institutional sponsor: Spanish Ministry of Culture; Ibero-American Theatre Festival

Location: Manizales, Colombia

© Photography: Ignasi Cristià SL

Difficult Loves was a work made up of six short plays written by three Colombian authors and three Spanish authors focused on the problems derived from romantic relationships. It was a coproduction of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the Ibero-American Theatre Festival. The challenge was to design a set from a distance so that it could be built in another country with a very small budget and without any real control over the execution. Initially, we proposed a rationalist structure of lines, which evolved into a set of expressionist forms in order to disguise any possible construction flaws.

The main requirement was that it should be an abstract, simple, neutral set, that could evoke different scenarios (a restaurant, a park, etc.). Above all, it had to have a clear interior and exterior to allow for the actors to make entrances and exits, and provide enough space for the action. To add more depth, the background had a certain transparency and a landscaped space could be seen behind, which could evoke either an interior or an exterior. The challenge lay in providing a solution to incorporate this versatility and flexibility of the stage space.

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