Món Casteller. The Human Tower Museum of Catalonia. 2017 — Museums

This permanent museographic project addressed the phenomenon of "castells" [human towers], an aspect of Catalan popular culture named Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Institutional sponsor: Valls City Council

Location: Valls, Catalonia

© Rendering: Ignasi Cristià SL

Our project for the Casteller Museum was selected via a public competition due its innovative and emotional component. Based on the motto "A tower in 3 acts", the museum offers a story in three acts to explain the phenomenon and convey the emotion of "castells".

The first act, on value, talks about the human drive for height, in a search for transcendence through verticality, using a giant immersive projection on a huge vertical screen. In the second act, on balance and common sense, specific thematic content is developed using interpretative and emotional resources with an intense sensory charge and informative and descriptive resources. The museographic project is rooted in the circle as a geometric figure, which characterizes the forms of a human tower, as well as various technological resources such as projections, sound installations, and interactive displays. In addition, this geometric shape enters into a dialogue with the building, where it also appears.

The third act is dedicated to strength, where the successfully constructed human tower and the "casteller" movement in a moment of excellence appear in the form of a circular multimedia installation that unfolds from the ceiling to the sounds of the narration of the culmination of a "castell", causing surprise and excitement among the visitors. It is a final performance that makes sense as a conclusion to the story and as a multimedia display. In addition to the museographic spaces, the project includes all the building services  (shop, restaurant, offices, etc.), as well as the organization of the public space of the museum's surroundings, which is new construction.

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