Historical Recreation Space of St. Rafael Pavillion. 2017 — Museums

This permanent exhibition allows visitors to the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau to take a trip back in time to learn about medicine and hospital conditions in the 1920s.

Institutional sponsor: Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Private Foundation

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia

© Photography: Pepo Segura

As a complementary space to the Sant Salvador Pavilion, the Sant Rafael Pavilion is a window into the hospital’s past, so that visitors can see and experience what Sant Pau i la Santa Creu was like in the 1920s.

Three spaces are recreated based on the remaining photographic material: the nave where the patients’ beds were located; the visiting room; and the altar dedicated to St. Rafael. The connections between these recreated spaces that visitors can observe takes place through a U-shaped display that runs through the centre of the room and lays out a path through three thematic areas.

The first theme refers to the history of the hospital: how it was founded and which patients it was meant to treat. The second area is dedicated to the construction of the Sant Rafael pavilion, its role within the overall architectural complex of the Hospital de la Santa Creu and Sant Pau, and who worked or lived in it. The third and final area is dedicated to the medicine of the 1920s – a world without penicillin where patients recovered through hygiene, food, sunlight and rest. The hospital’s architecture integrates perfectly these precepts of medicine from the time.

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