Mediapro 20 years. 2014 — Museums

Project to commemorate 20 years since the creation of the Mediaproducción group in its headquarters in Barcelona.

Institutional sponsor: Mediaproducción

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia

© Photography: Pepo Segura

The MEDIAPRO group commissioned this corporate space to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its founding. Taking advantage of the large glass surface on the façade of the headquarters, a serpentine steel structure was designed that could serve to draw attention from the outside. It is a whirl of press images representing the different news areas (sports, culture, etc.) which rotates and encroaches into the building’s basement, where the exhibition area is housed. This backbone runs along the entire side wall of the gallery, which has screens and objects that recount the history of this entity, such as the first contract it signed, the awards it has won, and a pair of glasses that the actor and director Woody Allen broke against a door while visiting the company headquarters.

In the centre of the gallery are stylised interactive totems made up of small screens showing even more information about the company, its sites, its workers, and its facilities, as well as comments from actors and actresses about their experience in Mediaproducción. The project to remodel the offices and showroom was also undertaken using oak finishes that sought to bring warmth, in contrast to the coolness of the glass façade.