04.25.2019 — Inauguration of the exhibition "Opera, Passion, Power and Politics" at the CaixaForum Madrid

The opera combines all disciplines of art creating a universal language capable of defining cities from an emotional, cultural, political, social and economic point of view. Fundació Bancària "la Caixa" has once again relied on Estudi Cristià for the art direction, design of the exhibition spaces and graphics. A trip through eight premières in the main theaters of Europe to understand the particular historical context of each opera and its relationship with the city. Soon we will offer you more information on our website.

10.14.2018 — Toulouse-Lautrec and the spirit of Montmartre

We are already finalizing the new production designed by the Ignasi Cristià studio.

Through paintings, drawings, posters and illustrations, "Toulouse-Lautrec and the spirit of Montmartre" shows the artist's production and his contemporary artists in Paris at the end of the 19th century.

Opening: October 18, 2018. Caixaforum Barcelona.

09.27.2018 — Transgressors, women from both sides of the ocean

Sometimes small exhibitions serve to explain great stories. We have designed the exhibition and the graphic image of "Transgressors", the story of 16 women from here and from the other side of the Atlantic that marked the path of the demand for equality of human rights. You can visit it at the headquarters of the Memorial Democràtic in Barcelona until December 2018. In spring the exhibition will travel to Uruguay.

Exibition website

Video of the exhibition

Memorial Democràtic website

Consulate General of Uruguay in Barcelona

09.04.2018 — The Nativity Scene of the Museo Nacional de Escultura de Valladolid, the third monument of Valladolid that tourists like the most

The new room of the "Neapolitan Crèche of the National Museum of Sculpture of Valladolid", remodeling that we designed in our studio, is the third monument best valued by tourists who have traveled to Valladolid this year. In order to elaborate the classification, the search engine of the traveler's website has been used, but a mechanism that compensates for the low number of votes received by some of the monuments and places included in the list has also been used.

07.19.2018 — "Walt Disney. The Art of Storytelling" now open at CaixaForum Madrid

The exhibition “Walt Disney. The Art of Storytelling” is now open at CaixaForum Madrid. In it, we travel through 80 years Walt Disney Studios history, paying special attention to orally transmitted legends that have inspired widely known stories such as The Three Little Pigs, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Little Mermaid, Hercules, or Frozen. Madrid is the following stage in the exhibition tour after having been shown in Seville and Barcelona, where it has received nearly 400.000 visitors. The exhibit explores at CaixaForum Madrid new spatial configurations that make it distinctive from previous locations. The different halls acquire a remarkable depth, benefiting from the reflections on the Fairy Tale Castle’s mirrors. Thus, it presents itself to the visitor as a labyrinth, the narrative labyrinth of our childhood’s entangled memories.

For further information, you can go to our website, or click on the following article.

07.03.2018 — Gaudí and the Sagrada Família in Santiago de Compostela

The travelling exhibition “Gaudí and the Sagrada Família. Interior experience” is open to visitors until 30 September at the Cultural Space of the Monasterio de San Martín Pinario in Santiago de Compostela. In its journey through Zaragoza and Astorga, it has already received 23.000 visitors who have been able to dive into Gaudí’s universe of symbolism and imagination. It splits into three parts that tell the story of Gaudí’s inspiration in nature, his thinking and his way of making art, science and spirituality converge, and lastly, the building and the way it makes its visitors feel, showing their reaction.  

You can check the whole project on our website.

Official website article

06.27.2018 — The Human Tower Museum of Catalonia enters its final phase

Recently, the Town Hall Council of Valls (Tarragona) has passed the project for the Casteller Museum of Catalonia, announcing the public bidding for the works to produce our museography. It’s an exhibition in three acts that uses the circle as a distinctive symbolic shape of castells. This project uses late generation technology, like audiovisual and sound installations, and a big mechanic sculpture with 360º projections. All these resources have been deployed to make visitors experiment, first-hand, the spectacular experience of taking part in a castell.

You can check the whole project on our website  and read more about this process in the following article.

06.09.2018 — Celebrated Melodies of Music, Operetta and Opera

It often happens that you get a pleasant call from a friend who asks for a helping hand, and it becomes the perfect excuse to see him again and share our recent experiences.

Krastin Nastev is a brilliant musician who has moved not long ago to Basel, and who has a solid trajectory as a music director. He has been invited to direct concerts all over Europe and he has recently directed the Bulgarian National Radio orchestra and choir.

I was lucky enough to know Krastin Nastev as a singer under his baton’s lead. This time I have been able to travel to Schopfheim / Fahrnau (Germany) where I have backed his choir’s tenor set and interpreted two musical pieces as a soloist.

To sing while being led by the hands of a director such as Krastin Nastev is like walking on a tightrope and knowing you will never fall down, because he guides you and marks the balances; he has the big gift of communicating with gesture, with his look, through the movement of his whole body.

To be on the shoes of an opera singer once again has given me an experience which is vital to understand the secrets of a profession so complex, so delicate and wonderful. I gather this adventure, which will certainly be very useful for new challenges and future projects, as a gift that enriches my job as a professional in the world of museography and playwriting.

I am deeply grateful to Krastin Nastev for this onstage reunion. Thanks to you I could meet the soprano Svetlana Doneva. Her transparent look goes through you and lets you see her artistic spirit; her voice expands throughout the room making music come to life and, in a second, a moving poetry seizes the audience.

Article in the Badische Zeitung journal

Article in the Verlaghaus–Jaumann journal

04.26.2018 — The Model Prison Speaks Exhibition. Opening 2017

“The Model Prison Speaks” is a temporary exhibition located inside the Model Prison of Barcelona. It took place just before the building turned into a heritage landmark, during its last days as a penitentiary. This unique initiative was commissioned by the Department of Justice of the Catalan Government, with the Honourable Mr. Carles Mundó as its Head. Aside from the exhibition, we designed the opening ceremony, we wrote the script, and we produced the video installations that played while the members of the Catalan Governement spoke. We want to share with you the most spectacular movie clip that we developed, which gains new meaning under the current political situation.  

04.26.2018 — Antonio López at the Palau de la Música Catalana

The Orfeó Català Foundation – Palau de la Música Catalana offers now for its sixth season exhibitions on fine arts showing the works of artists like Bill Viola, Louise Bourgeois, Perejaume, Antoni Tàpies or Joan Miró. This year, the Foundation has invited Antonio López, and the exhibition features twelve of his works at the Lluís Millet Room. Among them we can find the sculptures Man and Woman, and the painting The Dinner. Our job was to create a neutral space inside the modernist room which allowed a suitable contemplation of the works. On the street, before the building designed by catalan architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, you can find the sculpture Carmen asleep, inspired by the artist’s granddaughter. The exhibition will be open to the public until 24th June, and it’s a unique opportunity to see López’s work in Barcelona. Don’t miss it!

03.22.2018 — “Walt Disney, the Art of Storytelling” opens tomorrow

From Mars 23 to June 24 you can visit the exhibition Walt Disney, the Art of Storytelling at CaixaForum Barcelona. We recreate the famous Walt Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles, and we travel to the origins of its films by rereading the fairy tales and legends that inspired its stories. Don’t miss this adventure through magic forests and enchanted castles. 

03.12.2018 — Exhibition about Palm Sunday festivity and palm leaf tradition.

We have just finished our last project in Sagrada Familia. It’s an exhibition that concludes the guided tour about the symbols of Easter inside the building designed by Antoni Gaudí, and goes through the popular tradition of the palm leaf on Palm Sunday. It was commissioned in the context of a workshop where people will plait palm leaves in the traditional way. The aim was not to obstruct the room where the activities take place, using the side chapels and a light box to locate the printed canvas. Director and screenwriter Iago Blasi was in charge of the content, which is structured in a welcome and three sections on the history of the palm leaf tradition.

03.02.2018 — Historical Recreation Space of St. Rafael Pavilion at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Work at the recreation space of Saint Rafael Pavilion goes on. While the conservation labour awaits, we have rigorously reproduced the tiles on the back wall by making use of scenographic tools, like we have done in the rest of the exhibition, aiming to help visitors understand the building.

This recreation allows us to see the pavilion’s original state when it used to accommodate the patients. Using photographic documents of that period, we have reproduced the beds and the living room. There’s also a row of panels which tell the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau’s history.

The exhibition is already open to visit, but the job is not entirely completed. In the next few months, a new section will be added where all kinds of objects related to the history of medicine will be shown. Once concluded, we will publish all the information about this project on our website.

St. Rafael Pavilion 

02.20.2018 — "Gaudí and the Sagrada Família. Interior Experience" exhibition now open to the public in Astorga.

The travelling exhibition “Gaudí and la Sagrada Família. Interior Experience” is now open to visitors in Astorga. After beginning its tour at the Alma Mater Museum in Saragossa, where it received five thousand visitors, it will be located until May 20th at the Palacio Episcopal de Astorga. The building, also designed by Antoni Gaudí, is one of the few works the celebrated architect built outside Catalonia.

The exhibition walks us through the history of the basilica, opening its doors and inviting us to visit this emblematic building of catalan modernism. It is divided in three acts that transport us, in the fashion of a grand opera, to Gaudí’s intricate mind; a combination of art, engineering, and spirituality.

After May 20th the exhibition will resume its tour throughout several Spanish cities.  


01.01.2018 — Presentation of our new website

After a few months of digital disconnection, we are happy to present our new website. We have dedicated this time to reinventing ourselves, to rethinking our trajectory and to revisiting our dusty archives for all the projects we have developed over the past 25 years, in order to present them properly and in great detail. We would like to thank Marnich for designing this site. As always, they responded perfectly to our needs in terms of simplicity, usability, and elegance. In this section, we will keep you informed of our recent activities and our ongoing projects currently under development. Thank you all!