Communication is at its best when it is truly transformative, when it changes us and makes us better people. When it brings out the beauty at the heart of the message. Communicating is knowing what to give up, what to strip out to get to the core essence, shorn of all rhetoric. We are great believers in Coco Chanel’s philosophy: if in doubt, leave it out.

We are enemies of noise, even if it appears in beguiling guise. Creating is a responsibility, and nothing should be created without good reason.

No excuses. Limitations simply mark the edge of the path. There is always a way to get anywhere if you have a clear idea of your destination in mind.

To get to the other side you need to leap over any hurdles in the way. Good ideas are like sparks that ignite whatever they land on. To be truly creative the first thing you need to jettison are rigid forms and formats.

Yes, we make mistakes, and we are ready and willing to do things again. But it is important not to confuse mistakes with failure. Failure is a destination that fades away once you lose the fear of it and learn to look at mistakes as a necessary part of the process.

Creating is a craft that keeps its own hours. A voice that never stops whispering in your ear, translating reality into a new language. How long does it take to have a new idea? It depends. It might be a fraction of a second, but behind you lies a path forged over a whole lifetime.